Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Laptop repairs.

Laptop motherboards are just so much fun to replace. You seriously have to take everything apart in order to get to it to replace it so if anyone ever needs their lcd screen or motherboard or something similar replaced on their laptop I charge the price of the part plus $50 for labor. You can reach me at 580-235-9588 or e-mail me at aceisamos@gmail.com


I'm sure people have said this about me before but you can see some really weird people at walmart after the sun goes down.
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Monday, June 14, 2010

First blog

So, I've decided to take the time and do a proper blog. No other reason really other than I'm bored and this gives me something to do when I'm on the internet. I'm am a self-proclaimed internet shop-a-holic and anything that allows me to spend time on the internet and not spend money is great.

I will probably use this space as a place to rant about the many things in this world that piss me off. For example; I am just a little pissed that OU has decided to stay in the Big XII. Nothing really against the conference although I think that losing Colorado and especially Nebraska hurt it more than anything. I just think it was a chance to move on to some place better like the SEC. Could you imagine OU playing in the best conference in the country with the likes of Florida, Alabama, and LSU. Then when OU made it to the national championship game people all over the country wouldn't be able to say it was because they played in the overrated Big XII anymore.

Anyways, I haven't decided exactly what this blog will consist of for the most part, but my daughter wants to play and my laptop battery is about dead. So until next time...