Friday, August 6, 2010


So I'm reading World War Z and it's an awesome book, I would recommend it to anyone whether they're into zombies or not.  While I was reading I got to thinking about some of the crap my buddy Derek and I use to talk about while watching zombie flicks.  All of that crap came floating back into my thoughts from some obscure section of my brain that obviously just back catalogs my dumb ideas and I got to thinking I should write a zombie book.  And so now I'm in process of brain storming all of the main plot points of the story and updating the settings from ten years ago when we use to talk of zombie apocalypses.  It's a huge task especially since I hate writing, but what the hell I've had a mild form of writers block for the better part of the past ten years so maybe this will help me get my other ideas onto paper instead of perma-stuck in my head fighting to stay relevant in the ongoing madness that is my thought process.

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